Cold Forged and Formed Components

Cold forging or cold forming as a production process has seen intensifying interest and become one of the most widely used methods of making parts. The current energy crisis, material shortages, and rising costs have combined to force consideration of greater efficiency in parts making. Advantages of cold formed parts can reduce the effect these issues have on the production process.

Improved material usage, reduced forging energy, and the elimination of machining processes with high precision forging are just a few reasons to consider cold forging as an alternative to other methods of manufacture.

One of our specialty is that we can convert hot forged components to cold forged. This is a cost effective option and also saves time. Our state-of-the-art production plant has a cold forge unit with multi station cold part formers and bolt makers. This unit can cold forge metals like aluminum and stainless steel along with ferrous metal. We have the most precise tolerances available.